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Concentration Leads to Independence

Every child’s ultimate mission is to become independent. Yes, everyone wants that. They begin to show their desire for independence when they say, at a very young age “No, I can do it by myself”; “No, mummy, I can carry it” and you wonder; “hmm, my child is feeling all grown up!”.

Independence lies at the core of every child’s development, running through every step of the way; from grabbing, turning, sitting  crawling, standing, walking, running and through every other developmental milestone being achieved.

Maria Montessori said “do not help a child do what he feels confident he can do”.

When young children get a hold on concentration, even if it’s for a very brief period of time, allow them to concentrate. Do not interfer with that flow and focus of their mind on something they enjoy, are challenged by, Or something that they feel confident they can do.

This is my personal quote “Concentration happens at different ages and stages in a child’s life and this leads to mastery of skills and independence” – Eno Simon

When a child concentrates, he is learning more for himself than any teacher could ever explain.

Let’s let our children enjoys their personal moments of concentration. It leads to a richer and more fulfilled life in future because whatever you concentrate on, you succeed in.

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