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Before Words Form, the Eyes Speak!

When young children look into your eyes, they see, learn and say more than words can explain.

Before they develop the ability to communicate using words, what they use to tell us their needs, desires, feelings and concerns are their eyes!

Through their eyes they are able to say, “I know you, I see you, you look familiar, I feel comfortable with you, I’m feeling sleepy” etc.

When children make eye contact with their parents or carers, they are developing in more ways than one.

They are are developing; emotionally – by creating a special bond with parents and carers; physically – by stregthening the eye muscles through movement of the eyes, and intellectually – by recognising faces of people, associating voices to specific people and absorbing language and vocabulary as they watch and listen to people speak – naming objects as their gaze fall on them.

The importance of eye contacts in young children can not be overemphasied. It is to be considered as valuable as words themselves.

They help Children build trust and enable them settle-in nicely in their new environment.

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