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How would I know my boss appreciates me?

One of the nannies at our recent training asked this very touching and important question towards the end of the meeting. She asked, “How would I know my boss appreciates me?”

It got us thinking! Everybody needs feedback at one time or the other. It goes a long way to boosting  the confidence of employees, drawing attention to areas that need improvement and increasing the level of performance.

If employers in corporate organisations take out time to assess the performance of their employees and give them feedback to help improve their performance, then our household employees also need feedback.

Without feedback, how would one know how they are performing?

Imagine what simply saying, “You know what? I really like the way  you take your time in washing those plates properly everyday. Thank you!

“I appreciate you remembering to deliver the message from our neighbour today. Thank you so much”

“Well done for washing these clothes. This white shirt looks sparkly! I would like you to scrub this collar more, next time, to remove those stains, okay?

Imagine how, your nanny would feel after hearing those words from you. How do you think she’d  react or respond? Do you think, she’d  be excited to put in more effort to improve?

Everyone needs commendation or feedback every once in a while. It gives people the feeling that they’re  adding value and their efforts are being recognised and appreciated.

Let’s  take a few minutes today to say, “thank you!” to people who offer any form of support to us at home, be it our nannies, drivers or gardeners and watch how they brighten up and try to do more to serve us better!

Let’s try it!

Thanks for reading!

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