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Sage Schools

10 Owena Close, Off Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja

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About Us

The Sage School is a friendly, safe and secure environment. We have a colourful and well equipped indoor and outdoor space. Our classrooms are designed to foster individual attention for each child. Our teachers are qualified, ex- perienced and well trained. Above all, we are SRC CERTIFIED!!

We run a very interactive curriculum – the Scholastic Early Childhood Curriculum, taking objectives from the UK EYFS and it’s infused with a ‘rich Nigerian flavor, the best of what Nigeria has to offer! Children are nurtured to be globally relevant, but very much in tune with their culture.

Children are introduced to a wide range of themes interlaced into their everyday learning such as ‘Our community’, My family and me, Growing things, My school and friends, and more.

We’re big on reading at the Sage School and children get to use a simple, progressive reading program from the middle of Playgroup class.

Subjects taught in the curriculum include: Literacy, Numeracy, KUW/Social Studies, Creative Development, Physical development, PSE and extras like Tech classes, mini Chefs, Language twists and more are also part of the learning experience here.

Our Vision

The Sage School aims to be an exemplary school-educating the whole child with excellence as our trademark.

Our Mission

Our mission this year is to give a high quality and wholesome learning experience for our learners, while insisting strong moral values.

At the Sage School, we are committed to continually:

  • Creating rich learning experiences for our learners by infusing the curriculum with a strong international influence and the best of the Nigerian culture
  • Meeting the learning and development needs of each child
  • Partnering with parents and the community to nurture well rounded children
  • Providing a suitable, safe and secure learning environment
  • Raising a team of committed,passionate,qualified and professional staff
  • Ensuring that each child is included and supported to achieve full potential.

Our Core Values

At the sage school, we believe in raising children who are:-

  • C– confident
  • O-Open minded
  • R– Respectful
  • R– Responsible
  • E– Expressive
  • C– Caring
  • T-Trustworthy