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The Universal Uniqueness of Children!

At the close of school on Friday, the class teacher announced, to the class to remember to bring a certain item to school first thing on Monday morning.

The essence of reminding them on Friday was so that their parents could use the weekend to purchase the said item.

So a child arrived home, doesn’t tell his parents about the item on Friday, Saturday nor Sunday; but as soon as they are about to step out the door, on their way to work and school on Monday morning,  the child goes “mummy my teacher asked us to bring, so and so to school today”.

And this would be a likely conversation that may ensue:

Parent: “so when did your teacher say that?

Child: “On Friday”.

Parent: “so why didn’t you tell me over the weekend?

Parent: “Do I look like a shop?”

Parent: “Where do you want me to get it now?

Child: I forgot!

Parent: “so go to school and tell your teacher you forgot to tell me about what she asked you to bring”

Child: “No, my teacher would be displeased with me!”

Parent: “You need to learn to be responsible. Once you are asked to do something important at a particular time, always try to remember; and do it as at when due to avoid feeling as bad as you do now.

Children all over the world tend to display this kind of attitude at one time or the other before they learn to remember important tasks or information.

If you have had any such experience, share some with us, if you wouldn’t mind!

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