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What Do People Say About Concentration?

Concentration is a universal skill that is evident all over the world. We see it when children play with sand, paint, toys or listen to a story that they enjoy.

“Concentration is a necessary ingredient essential for future success” – Eno Simon

I often hear people say, “focus”, and they mean this in the strongest terms. They say, once one focuses on a certain thing long enough and gives it his best shot, he becomes a master in that field.

They also say, pay attention to details, be attentive and all these are off-shoots of concentration.

They also  say, “do one thing at a time” and that is another way of saying, focus, concentrate.

It is an advice that parents usually give to their children and spouses give to each other when they want them to excel, stand out and be unique in anything that they do.

They say that it is better to focus on your strength, improve on yourself and be known for something rather than do everything and be known for nothing specifically.

And it’s amazing to know that the core of success starts  in the very early years of life. 

We notice this when children find something that means something to them, something that is of interest to them and that pulls at them strong enough to cause them to fix their attention on it, even if it’s for some minutes.

When we find children concentrating, let’s let them savour the moment and let those synapses form in their brains and get strengthened, for children are creating them in preparation for what lies ahead.

So when we discover children concentrating, let’s not break the flow, rather, let’s let it flow!

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