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This afternoon, on my way out doing my regular  rounds, I was stopped by a colleague, saying, “take, you can have him for an hour!”

She handed me a 5 year old boy who has been giving her some issues during the day and she just wanted someone else to talk to him.

For the purpose of confidentiality, I will name the boy, Sammy.

Sammy, has been putting up some difficult behaviours and this day, my colleague didn’t just want to deal with it anymore.

So here I was with Sammy, following me around as I completed by tasks and we finally ended up in my office.

So, decided to pull out the *collaborative problem-solving tool* from my behaviour management toolkit.😊

It so happened that another child was in a push cart, and Sammy just started pushing the boy very fast without being asked to. The boy being pushed kept shouting, stop! stop!! but Sammy just wouldn’t stop!

So when we got seated in my office and I asked Sammy what happened, he told me, “I didn’t know he didn’t want me to push him.”

Okay, I said. So when you were pushing him, what did he say?

He said, Stop!

Does that mean, he didn’t want you to push him?

Yes, but I just wanted to help him move faster.

I understand your wanting to help him move faster.  I also like helping people too sometimes and that is a good thing. He nodded.

But sometimes when we want to help someone, the person might not need our help and they may say, ‘No or Stop’.

When someone says STOP, what should you do? I asked. He said, ‘I will stop.’

He walked out of my office having learnt to stop, when someone says STOP!.

So I asked him to tell me what he has decided. He said, “When someone says, STOP! I will STOP!

You can use this strategy for your children at home too.

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