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Where is Your Sponge?

The mind of a child is like a sponge, they say, ready to absorb everything in its environment. It does not discriminate between what to absorb or what not to, it just simply soaks them in.

Let’s think about it for a moment. If a sponge is placed in soapy water, it takes in soapy water; right? If it’s placed in muddy water, it does the same, soak it in. If it’s placed in clean water, it absorbs clean water. So it is right to say that, the content of a sponge is dependent on the kind of environment it is placed it.

Maria Montessori  said, when a child is conceived, he is called a physical embryo, requiring nothing else but a warm, healthy and conducive environment filled with the right nutrition needed to form, survive, grow and develop in his mother’s womb.

To maintain this healthy environment within, his mother is expected to eat healthy, rest well and live a healthy lifestyle.

So, when he arrives, he arrives fully formed, physically, but now, his mind begins another journey of development as a spiritual or emotional embryo, gradually creating himself emotionally, psychologically and otherwise, as he lives, grows and develops within his new environment.

The quality of this development now largely depends on the quality of the environment in which he grows in, hence, the question: “Where is your sponge?:

To get it right,  it would take the presence of a suitable and caring adult, who understands child development and child psychology to prepare a suitable environment for the child to grow in.

The core of Montessori education is essentially about nurturing – caring for and protecting (someone or something) while they are growing.

Children who grow up in a caring and positive environment grow up to beindependent,  confident,  social, caring, expressive, responsible, respectful and a whole lot more!

Raising a child who attains his holistic developmental milestones, is every parents joy. So, choose wisely!

Thanks for reading!

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